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ALPHA -- 2%ish
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A Pacman Substitute for a Modern World.

What is Pry?
Pry is a replacement for Pacman, Judd Vinet's awesome package manager for ArchLinux, written in Ruby.

Why replace Pacman? Isn't it good enough already?
It's good, but not good enough. Pacman is quite inneficient when it comes to searching and resolution, and this is by design. Pacman works with the most minimal of system libraries and requirements. Pry takes advantage of the speed of newer computers, allowing the addition of new features, previously unimplementable in the standard Pacman tree.
My goals for Pry are:

Where can I get Pry?
Pry is currently ALPHA SOFTWARE and should not be used in any important settings. Besides, at this point it doesn't actually install any files. If you want to help out, or just look at the code, it is accessible by Subversion Revision Control at:
svn checkout svn://

This is cool! I wanna help out!
I'm looking for people who know/want to learn Ruby. Contact me at jesse [a t] mindtriggerz .d.o.t. net
I also hang out on IRC in the #archlinux channel of Freenode ( under the nickname FlashHater.

I want <Feature X> to be included in Pry.
I welcome community feedback! Pry is now hosted at RubyForge: , and you can file feature requests and bug reports there.

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